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Order a tutor with your iPhone or iPad. Starting at just $1.99!

Do you have a single question regarding your paper or homework? Or do you need a thorough explanation of a topic? On the MicroLector App you can ask a question or request a tutor at the click of a button in just a few seconds. We will review any question for free.

Coming soon for Android

Take a picture or simply ask

You can either upload a photo as a question out of any textbook or simply ask your question via the app. Simply go to “Tutor”, login and get started. Remember: Asking is completely free! We will review the problem and get back to you about how long we will need to solve it. Some questions which are solved within minutes are free.

Coming soon for Android

Take a look at the subjects we offer

Currently, we can offer you tutoring support with the following subjects.

We are always adding new tutors so be sure to check back frequently if we do not offer your subject yet.


Our math tutors are either professional tutors or math teachers.


Our physics tutors are either professional tutors or are physics teachers.


Our instructors have a doctor of medicine or have been teaching medicine for many years.

More coming soon

We will add different subjects in the future. Come back frequently!

We help with small and big questions.

We help with small and big questions.

Our tutors have an average of 12 years of experience with helping students succeed.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

If you are not happy with the solution, we will help until you are happy.

Fast turnaround

Usually you’ll be contacted within a few hours

Only the best tutors

All of our tutors have been carefully selected

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