General terms and conditions

1. Applicability of the general terms and conditions

  1. The following general terms and conditions are valid for all customers who have paid for MicroLector products and services, as well as all users of the MicroLector App and/or its website.
  2. The general terms and conditions are based on Swiss law and are applicable in Switzerland and the rest of the World with express or tacit recognition of all parties. Changes or collateral agreements are only valid if they have been agreed upon in writing by all involved parties. 
  3. If any provision(s) of these general terms and conditions are held to be invalid or unenforceable, all remaining provisions hereof will remain in full force and effect. The invalid or unenforceable provision will be replaced by one which comes as close as possible.  
  1. Definitions
  • User: Any users or visitors of as well as the app or any software which is owned by MicroLector GmbH
  • Students: All users of the learning platform, which are accessing educational material (free or premium).
  • Instructors: An instructor is every user of the learning platform which are creating content or manage learning communities. 
  • MicroLector GmbH is referred to as “Company” within this document and never as “User”, “Student” or “Instructor”. 

2. Registration and participation fees

  • The participation fees can vary and are clearly noted on the introduction page of each course. 

3.    Attending a course

  • After the students have acquired a course, he/she can immediately access it via the App. 
  • MicroLector GmbH reserves the right to make changes in sequence or content of each course. 

4. Technical requirements

  1. It is up to the user to create the technical requirements which are needed to attend a course (especially mobile phones, tablets, e-mail addresses and internet access). The students also agree to bear the incurred costs for this. 
  2. The company undertakes to comply to create the software in a way that it is accessible for the devices on which the app is being offered. 
  3. The company is not responsible in case course attendance is not possible due to technical difficulties. 

5. Course availability

  1. MicroLector GmbH can not guarantee 100% course availability during server outages or other important reasons. Course reimbursements of courses which have been purchased longer than 12 months ago are not possible. All other claims are barred. 
  2. Course costs cannot be reimbursed unless the user can provide written proof that the purchase has not been done by him/her. 

6. Liability

  1. The information and content of the courses have been created by MicroLector GmbH and instructors in all good conscience. The company shall not be liable for any factual errors or mistake within the content or information.
  2. The instructors, users and students are responsible for the content of their contributions (courses, discussion posts etc.). MicroLector GmbH has the right to delete or adjust content at its own discretion. Should content be in violation of any applicable law, the content will be deleted as soon as possible. MicroLector GmbH also reserves the right to delete any content or links to third-parties which are being evaluated as morally reprehensible (Pornography, discrimination of sexual orientation, hate speech of all types and any content which violates the guidelines of Apple or Google). Such content will be deleted as soon as possible and the creator accounts of said content can be deactivated without notice. 

7.   Privacy and confidentiality

  1. The user undertakes to keep all received passwords or access data confidential and keep it inaccessible for third parties.    
  2. MicroLector GmbH hereby undertakes to fulfil its obligation to the principles of privacy law, including not selling or making accessible to third parties any content which was created by the instructors and students. Statistics concerning the courses will be stored after a course has been completed by the students and/or instructors.

8.  Copyright law

  1. The user and MicroLector GmbH undertake to comply with the principles of copyright law.
  2. The publishing of content through third parties and in discussion forums is not permitted. The content may also not be shared with any third parties.
  3. The company also respects the copyright law of each participant regarding the publishing of any content on discussion forums or other collaboration concerning the courses.

9. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Swiss law shall apply. Exclusive jurisdiction regarding disputes concerning this document is Zurich, Switzerland.