Security Awareness

Are employees the biggest security risk?

Even the best technology can’t stop a virus from attacking if a company’s employees are not aware of risks and possible intrusions in cyberspace. To prevent these problems, MicroLector has created a free e-learning app which contains small cybersecurity lessons and creates awareness for cybersecurity.

Micro learning by MicroLector – The new type of learning without being boring

Micro learning is about acquiring and retaining information with short time investments instead of long tedious sessions. All lessons have been optimized for smart phones and some lessons have voice command capability which enables learners to listen and respond without ever clicking on the device. Download the free MicroLector app here. 

Customize lessons for the needs of individual business and create lessons

Businesses can create customized versions of the 5 cybersecurity lessons to the specific needs and their industry. This is crucial to improve employee acceptance of the dangers of cybersecurity and create permanent awareness.

Ensure success by analyzing test results

By creating a study group, a supervisor will automatically receive updates on the progress of his/her team. Learning progress is saved and detailed statistics on each study group member are available. Questions which have not yet been successfully answered can be repeated separately. The supervisor can also modify questions and answers to adjust the training units in order to perfectly match the knowledge level of the participants. Test it for free here.

Spread your knowledge  – Create and distribute lessons

MicroLector is also an app in which you can easily create and distribute micro lessons on any subject matter for free.  This enables creators to transfer knowledge successfully, track the progress of study groups or individuals and constantly optimize learning. A number of free public lessons is available and countless more will follow.

Start your own e-learning class with with the lesson creator

MicroLector is a start up for e-learning software, which has been especially built for small and quick learning units. The 2 founders from Germany and Switzerland have many years experience with educational software. The app is currently available for iPhone and iPad and in the near future also for Android and web.

More information on how to protect your company from cybersecurity threats such as..

  • Antivirus Software
  • Free virus scanners
  • Antivirus boot CDs
  • Online virus scanners
  • Anto Rootkit Programme

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